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about ACIM

Operating since 1985, ACIM is a nonprofit organization led by a board of directors, a small staff of paid workers and a dynamic team of volunteers.

ACIM is supported by financial and food donations from churches, local businesses, other organizations, individuals and government grants. Every can and every dollar helps. We appreciate our supporters.

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina provide food at no cost or low cost to ACIM. All funds held in an ACIM bank account are disbursed to vendors providing services to ACIM clients in accordance with guidelines established by ACIM’s  Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

John Tovey                           President

Dave Williams                      Treasurer

Marshall Tanner                    President Emeritus

Helen Amis                           Director

Leroy Anderson                    Director

Tom Houlihan                       Director

Harry Mills                             Director

Tiana Royster                        Director

Sonia Hernandez                  Director

Charissa Puryear                   Director

Allison Pardue                       Director

Glenn Stallsmith                    Director

Non Board Exe. Director      Sue Hinman

Pantry Manager                     Kristine Williford

Sue Hinman, Executive Director

Christine Williford, Operations Manager


Location History

ACIM operates in the building of the former Granville Hosiery, Inc. which provides a rich history for the community. Some people who worked in the former factory making clothing to keep people warm are now receiving food at the building to relieve hunger.

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